Question: Breastfeeding

So, this blog post I decided to answer a question I got from a friend whom is due with her first baby next month. Although, I decided to offer...
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Question: Gestational Diabetes

Recently, I had commented on a Facebook post I had seen from a mutual pregnant friend in relation to her being at the hospital currently “Feeling Hungry” - Which...
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Vaccinations and Homeoprophylaxsis

“Hey! A mutual friend of ours told me I should ask you.. I want to know about vaccines. What are you using?” Now.. This requires a very detailed response. Before...
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Natural Deodorant

“Is there a natural deodorant you’ve found that works and doesn’t smell funky?” As a matter of fact, yes. AND It's even hiking, backpacking, and camping approved, too! This has been quite...
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Toxic To-Go

Night-Weaning a Toddler

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